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Neil Goldman is a character from Family Guy. He is the son of Mort and Muriel Goldman. Neil is a nerdy, unpopular, Jewish kid who is always hitting on girls, mostly Meg, and coming across as a complete stalker.


Neil Goldman is a scrawny, nerdy, Jewish kid with orange, curly hair. He wears a blue baseball cap with gray letters "AV" on them and also wears thick, black glasses. He has protruding buck teeth with a retainer wire over them and has three freckles on each cheek. He also wears a green T-shirt and green pants with a belt.


Neil Goldman is a creepy, nerdy Jewish kid who goes to James Woods Regional High School. He has encompasses a lot of teenage libido, giving him a lot of urgent, sexual desires. He goes around, flirting with girls and trying to get them to like him, only to get rejected. The one girl he mainly focuses on is Meg Griffin, who is the only girl he shows not only sexual, but romantic interests toward. He falls into the group of unpopular kids at his school, and is seen as the creepy, weird kid who everyone wants to avoid.

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