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NeverQuest is the eleventh level of The Simpsons Game. To open the door of the creator's mansion, Homer and Marge look for the four keycards in the four worlds created by the creator, one of which is a land attacked by a two headed dragon.

The name is a reference to the 1999 PC game EverQuest.


After the level "Bargain Bin" is completed, four more levels open up at the game engine. These can be taken in any order but, following the story, this is the next level. It is also the first level in which Homer can use his new power, "Gumi-Homer", and Marge can use her new "mega-megaphone".


The final fight with the dragon (Xbox version), a gameplay similar to Balloon Fight

The first portal transports Homer and Marge to a big, old and extended land, which dresses them as elves. They try to take advantage of a level without the kids, but they are interrupted by three kids (Todd, Rod and Ralph) running from a two-headed dragon (Patty and Selma) destroying everything.

Marge recruits the kids to her mob and Homer prepares to defeat the dragon. The land has three wooden bridges that the dragon burns, making them ramps, so when the dragon flies over them, Homer uses his Homer Ball boost to hit the dragon. When it falls, Marge tells the kids to kick it until it gets up again. When the dragon burns a house, Marge tells the kids to repair it. Homer hits the dragon several times until it flies away. He and Marge ask the kids for the keycard, and say it is behind a big door locked with magic, though actually it isn't and Homer opens it easily with a kick (which the kids have never tried before). They all enter a big cave, full of Moe-orcs (orc versions of Moe) and Otto-ghosts (ghost versions of Otto). Marge finds and recruits more kids (who look exactly as the others) and they all defeat the enemies.

To open a big gate at the end of the cave, Homer steps on a platform at the left, and Marge and two kids step on a platform at the right. Homer's platform elevates to a ledge on top of the gate with an helium tank, which Homer uses to turn into "Heli-Homer" and float to a switch that opens the door. The tunnel leads to a large maze divided in three parts by three gates, which open with the keys hidden in the maze. After opening the last gate, they get to another cave with a long chasm with lava at the bottom. To cross it, Homer floats over it as Heli-Homer and destroys a post as Homer Ball. At the other side, a dragon-shaped door is locked, so Marge orders four kids of her mob to step on lava platforms (which kills them) so giant golden coins raise from a pile of little of those golden coins. She jumps on top of them to the nose of the drago-door and places Maggie inside the eye. She steers through a tunnel to a button that opens the teeth. Now they get to the dragon's cave.

Most of it is full of lava and the dragon's nest is up away in a hole in a rock wall. The dragon drops eggs with Moe-orcs inside and throws fire, but Marge's mob hits a rock wall so Homer can get Gumi candies to turn into "Gumi-Homer". He jumps on some rocks on the lava, one of which elevates itself. When it is high enough, Homer shoots gumi balls at the dragon to beat it. But it is not entirely defeated, since Homer now has to turn into Heli-Homer to float to the dragon and hit it until it falls to the lava. As much as Marge doesn't like the violence between families, she liked spending a level without the kids. Homer then takes the "dragon keycard" from the ashtray-like nest, muttering "My precious!" like Gollum from The Lord of the Rings.

NeverQuest characters

Marge can order the kids to eat ouside a food shop. When they finish, one of Marge's discount coupon collectibles appears

  • Homer: Homer is one of the playable characters, he can jump, kick, burp, turn into Homer Ball, Heli-Homer, Gumi-Homer and (only in Xbox version) Lava-Homer.
  • Marge: Marge is one of the playable characters, she can jump, kick, place Maggie into crawlspaces and use her megaphone to honk to defeat enemies and recruit people to her mob and tell them to attack people, destroy, build or repair things and step on platforms. She can also turn into "Police Marge" (only in Xbox version).
  • Maggie: Maggie is not an actual playable character, but can be placed by Marge into crawlspaces so she can steer to certain places.
  • Dragon Patty and Selma: the Neverquest versions of Patty and Selma, as a two-headed dragon. Homer can defeat them using his Homer Ball and Heli-Homer boost and his Gumi-Homer gumi balls until they fall to the lava.
  • Mob: these are the kids Marge can recruit to her mob. Because Marge can recruit up to 19 kids, there are about six of the same kid.
  • Moe-orcs: enemies throughout the level and the NeverQuest versions of Moe. They come from little doors and can wield big bats or crossbows.
  • Otto-ghosts: more enemies and the NeverQuest versions of Otto. They come from bone piles and can explode by themselves when they approach Homer and Marge.


Comic Book Guy's video game clichés

  • Ammo Box: (only PS2 version) open a box with gummis to get this cliché. "Isn't it convenient that you find ammo at the right place and time? The cheese I smell is pungent".
  • Lava: (only PS2 version, otherwise in Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game) jump into the lava at the dragon's cave. "Lava. As original as sand, water, snow and jungle. That is - NOT ORIGINAL AT ALL".
  • Enemy Spawners: (only Xbox and PS3 version) destroy the first Moe-orc door. "Infinite bad guys from a small door. Way to rip off the clown car".


  • In the Xbox version, most of Homer's Duff bottle caps collectibles and Marge's discount coupons collectibles are hidden inside boxes or on top of high ledges. One of Marge's coupon appears in front of a food shop by making 30 kids sit on the tables outside. When they finish, the coupon gets out of the shop. One of Homer's bottle caps appears in the final battle by collecting all of the dragon's eggs (like a bonus level).
  • In the maze, the camera positions on top, making this portion of the game resemble the arcade game Gauntlet.
  • This level and its tasks are completely different on each version.
    • In the PS2 version, Homer only has to hit the dragon using his Homer Ball boost to defeat it. The caves are very different, without coins or ledges with ladders. In the final battle, Homer has to jump to a rock on the lava, turn into Gumi-Homer, wait for it to raise and shoot gumis at the dragon.
    • In the Xbox version, when Homer hits the dragon, Marge has to tell her mob to attack it and repeat this three times. The caves are much bigger, with different puzzles to solve. In the final battle, the camera positions in front of the cave, as a 2D game, and Homer has to turn into Heli-Homer to float to the dragon and hit it, just like the old game Balloon Fight. Egg wave and the background is a reference to Joust
    • The Nintendo DS version names the stage "The Mythos of Marge", possibly as a reference to The Legend Of Zelda. However, unlike most parts of the game, it, too, possesses the maze segment in the setup to the stages that involve Marge.
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