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Pop music's hard work.

"New Kids on the Blecch" is the fourteenth episode of Season 12.


When a music producer discovers the musical abilities of Bart, Nelson, Milhouse and Ralph, it scurries to set them up as the next big boy band sensation, complete with a sinister subliminal propaganda campaign in mind: "Join the Navy" disguised as "Yvan eht Nioj".

Full Story

Homer joins the Springfield Marathon, along with other Springfieldians, including Mr. Burns and Smithers and Comic Book Guy (dressed as The Flash). By paralleling Rosie Ruiz's cheating in the 1980 Boston Marathon, Bart who disguises himself as Italian wins the Springfield's equivalent. When it is discovered Bart cheated, he finds himself in hot water with fellow competitors and spectators, so he accepts a stranger's offer to help him escape. The stranger reveals that his identity is L.T. Smash. L.T. offers Bart a job in a boy band known as "Party Posse". Bart accepts, and becomes Party Posse's fourth member, Caly, joining Krit (Nelson Muntz), P.G. (Ralph Wiggum), and Wowz (Milhouse Van Houten), boys from Bart's school.

L.T. reveals his tattoos

Party Posse quickly ascend to stardom, albeit using complex voice enhancers built by NASA. No one is aware of the voice enhancer's use, and as such Party Posse's success depends on the voice enhancer. The band even gets a chance to meet N'Sync who has been wanting to meet the kids and have a basket for them. Lisa starts to become annoyed with Bart having his special treatment in front of them. The band releases a single titled Drop Da Bomb, which contains a suspicious lyric, Yvan Eht Nioj. However, Lisa was not very happy about that strange lyric and Lisa's growing suspicion around Party Posse eventually results in her discovering the line is a subliminal recruiting message to join the Navy, as there is a hidden Uncle Sam poster and also realizes Yvan Eht Nioj is Join the Navy written backwards. Too make matters worse people are being easily brainwashed and are joining right away. Lisa also discovers that L.T. Smash is, in reality, a lieutenant (named Lieutenant L.T. Smash), who explains to her that popular music has long been used as a recruitment tool by the US military.

Another promo card for this episode

Lisa explains out her discoveries to Homer and Marge, but they dismiss her accusations as jealousy to Bart. When The Party Posse perform a concert on an aircraft carrier, Lisa's suspicions are increased especially when everyone starts marching. During the concert, L.T. Smash is alerted by his superior officer that the upcoming issue of Mad Magazine will satirize The Party Posse, who are lampooned as "The Potty Posse" on the front cover, which will destroy the bands recruitment power. Smash's superior officer attempts to shut down "Project Boy Band" by cutting off the band's voice enhancer, revealing the boy's true poor singing voices to the audience insane, who begin booing them. Outraged by his superior's actions, Smash loses his sanity and hijacks the carrier, sailing towards New York City.

N'Sync arrives and attempts to stop Smash before he reaches New York, but the band's attempt fails. Smash fires missiles at Mad Headquarters, destroying the offices, but the workers manage to survive. Smash is soon arrested, and The Party Posse, disappointed that they could have appeared on the cover of Mad, decide to divorce, though they take solace in seeing how the magazine planned to parody them.

N'Sync appears at the end of the episode and explains how the Navy protects Americans each and every day, and reveal that they signed JC Chasez up the day prior. Chasez is then dragged away screaming by two Military Police officers as his band mates wave goodbye.

Behind the Laughter

While the episode was praised by fans and critics, Justin Timberlake, who starred in the episode, said that he doesn't actually say: "Word!"


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