New York City is a city in the state of New York. It is the largest city in the USA.


The Simpsons have visited New York City a number of times, most prominently in The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson.

In that episode, Homer explains how he once briefly stopped at New York City during his youth because it was on the way between a Harrisburg Coat outlet and him (he wanted to get to it so he could buy an "irregular coat"). While there, he paid a photographer take a picture of him, only for the photographer to run off with the film. Homer then reported the incident to a Policeman, only for the policeman to run off with Homer's briefcase. While waiting, Homer was eating a hot dog while watching an electronic bulletin (which stated that crime in New York City was about eight million percent higher during that time). Just then, a street thug stole Homer's wallet from his back pocket, and when Homer attempted to stop the thug, a pigeon stole his hot dog at the same time, which eventually culminated in Woody Allen dumping trash onto him from his apartment. Eventually, having felt irritated at the bad day he's having, he inadvertently makes his day worse when he picked a banana peel off his face and accidentally threw it in a pimp's face, causing the enraged pimp to chase Homer, causing Homer to run for his life (Homer thought that he was being chased because he "looked at him the wrong way"), and try to escape by climbing up an fire escape ladder, but it detached and plummeted down into open sewer grate taking Homer with it into the sewer, where C.H.U.D.'s came after him.

Because of the horrible experience, Homer vowed to never return to New York City. 20 years later and now around the age of 40, Homer is forced to return to New York City after his car was illegally parked in between the twin towers by Barney after he endures a booze fueled mental breakdown after having to be sober as the designated driver at the daily pub-crawl.


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