News on Parade Corporation News was a news outlet produced by the News on Parade Co. in the Springfield around 1950s. It was hosted in the Aztec Theater, and it is unknown whether it was popular or not. The later fate of is also unknown, but it is most likely that it is gone, since we don't see it in the present time in the series. Abe and Jasper watched the program.


The program, judging by the news anchor's words, was "bringing you the world of current events, new gadgets and Hollywood!". We see an acrobatic theatre, similar to the one we see in Goo Goo Gai Pan and Tapped Out. The program was full of references to those times, such as a family being scared because of seeing a train on the TV screen, and "Amos from Amos 'n' Andy" (this being a reference about a radio show with black characters ran by white people). The anchor calls Springfield "the city on the grow". Springfield is revealed to be one of America's 400 fastest-growing cities. It is said that "half the country wears the Springfield galoshes", and we also see the states' first aqua-car factory and Professor Rubbermouth.



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