Nick is a boy on whom Lisa had a crush. They met each other in a restaurant on Valentine's Day when Lisa looked through a crack and saw him.

Nick has a lot of the same interests Lisa has. Lisa describes him as "Hemingway-esque". He is voiced by Michael Cera.

Pyramus & Thisbe

Abe tells Lisa about the classic Roman tragedy Pyramus & Thisbe by Ovid. Nick is Pyramus and Lisa is Thisbe.

Ned is Pyramus' father and Homer is Thisbe's father. Like Romeo and Juliet, each of the lover's families are mortal enemies and at the end, the feuding families make amends after the lovers commit [suicide] (though in this show, the lovers together turn into a "hugging" mulberry tree which means they love each other for life).


  • He is allergic to chocolate.


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