Springfield Babies
Nights of the Dinner Table
So Long, Chum!

Homer comes home at 3:00 AM while Bart sneaks into the kitchen to have a night meal and the two discover each other. They going to the kitchen where Homer eats the sandwich that Bart was going to eat. They realize that if they fall asleep in church again, Marge understands that they have been up all night again. They decide to stay awake until church is over. They start drinking coffee to avoid falling asleep and after an hour they hear that someone is in the garden and they believe they are a burglar. They decide to scare the burglar and dresses up and goes out of garden. They discover that the thief just be Santa's Little Helper who do not recognize them and starts chasing them. Marge and Lisa wakes up and they think they are burglar outside. They go up to scare them but discovers that was only Homer, Bart and the dog. A few hours later in the church sleeps Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa, which annoys the assembly.

Bart Simpson Comics Stories 301-350
Bart Simpson Comics
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