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It totally works.
―Nina Skalka[src]
Boys are gross! Everything is gross!
―Nina Skalka[src]

Nina Skalka[1] is a student at Springfield Elementary School.


In the changing room of Wee Monsieur, Nina was seen attempting to shoplift a pair of socks. In the stall, she had taken off her own shoes and put on the new socks. As Bart was also in a changing stall and proceeded to put a sign up to the security camera inside that read "Get bent, Ma'am!", the security guards likewise noticed this on the security camera, and hurried out of the room carrying rifles.[2] This incident leads us to believe Nina has somewhat of a trouble making personality.

Behind the Laughter

Nina is a background character. She spoke in "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" and "Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore", where Milhouse insults Mrs. Krabappel on the bus (she was voiced by Nancy Cartwright). She spoke again in "Bart Gets a "Z"" where she was heard saying "Oh hey". She was likely answering her cellphone.

She is mostly seen in Mrs. Krabappel's fourth grade class, although she has been seen in Mrs. Hoover's second grade class in some episodes (usually episodes that center around Lisa). She also appeared in the episode Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy where she is the only one to buy the Lisa Lionheart doll.

Nina is not known to have any close friends like some of her other classmates do. She gets along with most of the children at school including Lisa and Bart. In the episode "The Daughter Also Rises" Nina was seen with Lewis at the Le Petite Appetit. It can be assumed that the two were dating during the episode and also hints that Lewis is her boyfriend.

In the video game Virtual Bart, Nina makes a cameo in the opening of the game, where she was standing near an actual Space Mutant for her science fair project.


Most of the time Nina wears a white shirt, a pink dress over her shirt, and pink shoes. She has blonde braided hair, which are in pigtails. She has pink hairties, which keeps her hair in pigtails.

She has been seen wearing a pink maillot in the episode "Bart of Darkness". Her maillot has a light pink stripe on it while the rest of it has a darker pink (fuchsia). In the episode "A Star Is Born-Again" she wore a green bathing suit.

Episode Appearances

Note: Many of her appearances are brief background roles. The title in which she has an actual role is in bold.

-Bart's Locker (Among a crowd of students in the school's hallway)


  • Nina had a darker complexion during the episode [3] This would continue to happen in a number of episodes.
  • Lisa's bus seating chart displays Nina as being a Marxist.


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