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Homer almost causes the end of the world...twice. This leads to him getting an alarm, but that soon causes more trouble.

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One day at work, Homer is hanging up a hammock in the break room, when Carl and Lenny come by and ask him why he's not working. Homer assures them that he left someone " very reliable" in charge, which turns out to be a picture of himself. While Homer is thinking of other things he could do, the gauge at his station goes in the red, setting of the alarm. Panic quickly unfolds all over Springfield, as residents run everywhere, searching for ways to survive, escape the loud alarm, or simply panic. Moe increases his prices, Smithers takes Burns to the panic room, Selma has an affair with Hans, and Apu gets many customers and try's to avoid saying " Thank you, come again". Brockman explains everything on the news, then runs for his shelter. After a while, Homer finally gets to his station and searches frantically for the off switch. He finds it and shuts off the alarm, much to everyones delight. When Mr. Burns questions Homer on what happened, Homer almost says he wasn't at his station, but he quickly gets a hold of himself and says the alarm might be defective. Mr. Burns suggests they do something about it. When they leave, Homer looks for the button that shut off the alarm. When he finds it and presses it, it activates the alarm since it had nothing to turn off. The exact same stuff happens as before, until Homer shuts it off. Mr. Burns demands that they get an alarm.

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