How the Test Was Won
No Loan Again, Naturally
Gone Maggie Gone
Homer: [singing to the tune of "O' Christmas Tree"] Oh Mardi Gras, Oh Mardi Gras, you see a lot of boo-bies...

Evergreen Terrace Resident: You're leaving is our Christmas!
Homer: Ned, you can't throw me out on Christmas!

Homer: [to Lisa and Marge, who are working on a Mardi Gras float] Ladies, how ya doin' with the float?
Lisa: Fine; but I wish you'd picked an easier theme than Super-Jet-Dinosaur-Fun-Monkeys. What does that even mean?

Homer: [doing a very bad impression of Jesus] Woooooo! Wooooo!
Ned: W-w-who's that? [picks up his glasses and turns the light on]
Homer: It is me, Jesus! I have come from my workshop in the North Pole to say: don't evict the Simpsons!
Ned: Say, Jesus? What was the name of the son of Zachariah?
Homer: It was, uh, F..., uh...do you have a computer nearby?

Homer: Hey, Flanders! You can't evict us! We've got a senior living with us!
Grampa: Hehehe! You're never too old to ruin things for the young!

Marge: How about a family outing?
Bart: Family outing? I'll start. Lisa's gay!
Lisa: [sarcastically] Right. 'Cause I wouldn't wanna be gay like my heroes! Billie Jean King, Susan Sontag, Sappho of Lesbos, and I suspect, Peppermint Patty.

Homer: Hooray for stupid Flanders!
Ned: The Simpsons are back!
(other neighbors puts the moving signs in their lawns)
Homer: I really hate this neighborhood.

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