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North Haverbrook after its recovery from the monorail disaster.

North Haverbrook, located 63 miles from Springfield, is a town in Springfield's State.


Go away! There ain't no Monorail, and there never was!
―A former monorail cafe worker's denial of the monorail's existence.

The town, bar Sebastian Cobb, fell for Lyle Lanley's monorail scam, which resulted in a monorail disaster that led the town into an economic fallout, resembling a ghost town by the time Lyle Lanley sold another monorail to the town of Springfield. When a visiting Marge came to North Haverbrook, the few remaining residents were unwilling to talk to her about the monorail, some even claiming the monorail didn't exist despite ample evidence to the contrary, and wanted her to leave. Cobb was the only one willing to talk to her about the incident. He proceeded to tell Marge the story of how Lanley scammed his town into buying a needless monorail and that he was the only person who was against it because he suspected Lyle of being a con-man. His suspicion was proven true when he hired Cobb to design the North Haverbrook monorail made up of cheap and unstable materials. When he showed her the destroyed monorail, Cobb realized that Marge understood the truth and helped her prevent a similar disaster in Springfield.

Lyle escaped Springfield on a plane shortly before the Springfield Monorail's brakes blew up, which he caused himself after learning that Marge and Lisa cottoned on to his plans. Unfortunately for him, the plane made an unscheduled stop at North Haverbrook and an angry mob arrived on scene (presumably tipped off by Marge on his arrival). Less than a minute after landing, Lyle was violently attacked and possibly murdered by the mob as revenge for what he did to their town.[1]

Soon after, the town has had a massive recovery and became a flourishing community again because they took Lyle's $3 million to restore the town. It is home to the North Haverbrook Courthouse and is a tourist attraction for its romantic scenery.

The ruins of the North Haverbrook monorail.


North Haverbrook is notable for having the world's largest moon-bounce castle, and a zoo with fighting animals. The town also has a drive-in theater.[2]

The Monorail

This is all that's left of one of the crappiest trains ever built.
Sebastian Cobb

The town formerly contained a monorail, a part of Lyle Lanley's monorail scam. The monorail was built by Sebastian Cobb, who was hired by Lanley to build the monorail. Many corners were cut during its construction, and the brakes and wiring all had faults. The monorail ultimately crashed on its maiden voyage (with celebrity Gallagher on board), destroying North Haverbrook's economy. The town gained vengeance when Lyle Lanley unwittingly returned to North Haverbrook after his plane to Tahiti (where he planned to escape after selling a similar monorail to Springfield) made a stop at the town's airstrip. He was savagely beaten by the angry inhabitants of the town, possibly fatally.