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Nuclear Power Plant (Simpsons Road Rage)
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Nuclear Power Plant is the fourth level in The Simpsons Road Rage. It is where the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, the Springfield Mall, the Springfield War Memorial Stadium (now Duff Stadium) and the Springfield Community Center are located.

The vast majority of the bus stops can be found on the Springfield Mall side. Only a mere 20% of the 10 total bus stops are found on the Power Plant side.


  1. Lard Lad Donuts (Milhouse, Chief Wiggum and Lisa)
  2. Baseball Stadium (Bumblebee Man, Barney and Moe)
  3. Springfield Community Center (Only Marge (If one is playing as Marge then the following take her place: Reverend Lovejoy, Hans Moleman, Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner, Groundskeeper WillieRalph, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Homer Simpson, Squeaky-voiced Teen, Grampa Simpson, Comic Book Guy, Milhouse Van Houten and Chief Wiggum)). In all the 15 different characters makes it the most popular destination in the whole game.
  4. Turbines (Groundskeeper Willie, Ralph and Principal Skinner)
  5. Cooling Towers (Homer, Bart and the Sea Captain)
  6. Cut-off valve (Homer, Dr. Nick and Reverend Lovejoy)
  7. Emergency Generator (Jasper Beardly, Apu and Krusty the Clown
  8. Power Plant Office (Squeaky-voiced Teen, Mayor Quimby and Homer)
  9. Parking Lot (Reverend Lovejoy and Milhouse)
  10. Generators (Hans Moleman and Jasper Beardly)
  11. Run-off Stream (Bart, Lisa and Grampa)
  12. Gas Station (OttoMoe and Bumblebee Man)
  13. Springfield Mall (Dr. NickSnake, Otto, Hans Moleman and Marge Simpson)
  14. Leftorium (Ned, Krusty and Comic Book Guy)
  15. Power Plant Entrance (Edna Krabappel, Grampa and Ralph)


  • When picking up passengers who want to go to the Baseball Stadium, Gas Station, or Lard Lad Donuts from the Springfield Mall entrance, a quick way to get to their destination is go down the Run-off Stream. When down there you can use a the mound dirt as a ramp and launch to their destination. Note that this is recommended for sedans or compact cars and not heavyweights such as Buses or Snowplows. Also note that the mound ramp has to be hit at a precise angle or you will be blocked via invisible wall.
  • After you deliver a passenger to the Power Generators, hit the reset key and you will instantly be spawned ontop of the next passenger.
  • When you deliver a passenger to the Run-off stream from the SNPP side, hit reset and it will instantly spawn you on top of a passenger who will want to go to the mall.
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