Rednecks and Broomsticks
O Brother, Where Bart Thou?
Thursdays with Abie
Homer: God gee, Lisa. Looks like tomorrow I'll be shoveling ten feet of global warming.
Lisa: Global warming can cause weather at both extremes: hot and cold.
Homer: I see. So you're saying warming makes it colder. Well, aren't you the Queen of Crazy Land?

Barney: The Plow King lives!

Jimbo: Mush, nerds, mush!
Ralph: I'm part of a team!

Bart: Headshot! Headshot! Oh, right in the carrot!

Bart: Does Obama know about this? I can't believe this is how pilgrims lived!

Lisa: When Maggie's nightlight goes out, her onesie becomes a funsie. This announcer has never seen diapers look so dapper.

(In the end credits, Tom and Dick Smothers do their infamous "Take it Tom" act, with help from Homer)
Dick Smothers: Take it, Tom! (guitar music continues) Take it, Tom! (guitar music shortly stops) Hey, wait a minute. Wait, hold it, hold it. I said, "Take it, Tom". (to Tom Smothers) Did you hear me say, "Take it, Tom"?
Tom Smothers: (stutters) I-I-I-I did, I didn't hear you say "Take it".
Dick Smothers: Well, what did you think you heard?
Tom Smothers: I didn't, I didn't think I heard what you think you said.
Dick Smothers: Well, what do you think I said?
Tom Smothers: Well, I, (stutters) I, I heard you-I-it sounded like you said, "Naked bacon".
Dick Smothers: Naked bacon?
Tom Smothers: Sounded like "naked bacon".
Dick Smothers: It sounded like I said "naked ba-"
Homer: Did somebody say "naked bacon"?
Dick Smothers: What?
Tom Smothers: Yeah, eh, see he-we all thought it was "naked bacon".
Homer: Yeah, it sounded like "naked bacon" to me.
Tom Smothers: Eh?
Homer: I don't know why they say you're the dumb guy, Tom.
Tom Smothers: I-I don't know, either. Y-You s-You s-You said "naked bacon". (stutters)
Dick Smothers: Well, I'd-I definitely said, uh, "Take it, Tom".
Tom Smothers: But if you, (stutters)
Homer: No, you said "naked bacon".
Tom Smothers: Yeah, that's what I thought. Eh. We both agree with you.
Dick Smothers: Well, well I'll tell you.
Tom Smothers: What?
Dick Smothers: You may both agree, but folk singers never say, "Take it, naked bacon."
Homer: Do you guys know "Funkytown"?

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