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Ogdenville is a city located in Springfield's State, southeast of Springfield. It is known as the State's Barley Basket due to its economy being largely funded by barley farming.


Ogdenville was one of the towns to which Lyle Lanley sold his defective monorail system. Judging by what happened to North Haverbrook and what nearly happened to Springfield when Lanley came to town, it is very likely that Lanley's visit to Ogdenville had similar results.[1]

Ogdenville is the home of the Ogdenville Outlet Mall which the Simpsons visit, although the driving trip apparently takes several hundred miles over desert roads.[2] Ogdenville is Springfield's neighbor to the Southeast. It is also described as the State's Barley Basket, indicating that it and Springfield do share a state. The description also suggests that Ogdenville's economy is driven by barley farming, as is most of the city's culture to the point that the people make lemonade with barley instead of lemons.

Ogdenville's economy collapsed when a rat got into the barley grinder, contaminating the barley that went into vegetarian Krusty burgers and that information was accidentally sent out on the live news. After the economic collapse, many Ogdenvillians immigrated to Springfield. A wall was built between Springfield and Ogdenville to stop the immigration, but they put a door in it when the two communities realized they had more similarities than differences.[3] Ogdenville's population is primarily of Norwegian descent. Ogdenville has its own giant Hollywood-style sign, really similar to that of Springfield. It is also the city in which Maya resides. Not in a tree, however.

Ogdenville College is referenced in Frinkcoin.


  • Ogdenville's distance from Springfield is inconsistent. In "Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield", the Simpsons had to drive all day to go there. However, in "Coming to Homerica", it is shown to be within walking distance of Springfield. In "Marge vs. The Monorail", Ogdenville can be seen on a map of the United States as somewhere in Arizona; however, this was an extremely amateurish map produced by Lyle Lanley, a scam artist with no cartographic skills who likely randomly placed dots on a blank map of the contiguous United States and used these as place markers.
    • This can only be plausibly explained by the possibility of multiple settlements with the same name.
    • It could also be a result of 'Plan-B', by which the proximity to Ogdenville varies based on where Springfield is moved to.