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The Old Simpson Farm is the farm where Homer spent part of his early childhood, raised mainly by his father Abe. The farm is off of Rural Route 9, outside of Springfield.

Homer often watched the Radiation King TV for hours on end, of which the TV had radiation that was activated for so long that what was originally Homer's shadow was literally burned into the floor and wall even several years after the fact.

However, Abe and Mona eventually were forced to allow the bank to foreclose the farmhouse in 1963 after the milk production went sour due to the cows being traumatized by Homer running around and shouting at them.

The farm now is a rundown ranch house with holes in the roof, and broken windows. The farmhouse has a an empty living room, a room that has a fireplace, a bathroom, a TV with a radiation king sign, a kitchen and stairs. Upstairs are two bedrooms, one smaller, and one main bedroom. It has no basement and it has a barn.


Homer and the family took refuge here after Homer had them flee their home at 742 Evergreen Terrace when he was challenged to a duel by a Southern Gentleman.

Homer took this opportunity to get the family engaged in farming. Nothing would grow in the soil, however, until Homer exposed it to nuclear radiation from the power plant, and mixing tomato and tobacco seeds, got a hybrid of the two, which he called Tomacco[1].

A fight between Abe and Homer resulted in the house catching on fire[2].

Behind the laughter

The house is based on the farmhouse in the movie Flesh and Bone.

According to the Simpsons Guide to the family continued, the episode where Homer and the family had to hide at the farm and invented Tomacco either took place before the fire, or the fire department saved the house from being burned to the ground.

The TV name "Radiation King" also appears in the Fallout Universe, as a TV and Radio Company.



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