Omar Simpson is the husband of Marnie Simpson and father to Lily, Magpie and Brit Simpson. He is the British counterpart of Homer Simpson.


Bart was living with Omar under a week when he was in England. Omar doesn't look his neighbor, O'Flannery and often drinks a few pints at the pub. He works at the Springshire Wind Power Plant as a wind monitor. His favorite foods are scones. When Bart find out at Omar couldn't watch TV for he had not afforded to pay his television license. He and Bart opened then the Wind World so he could earn some more money. The World Wind didn't work and he had to close it after an accident with the attractions.


  • He has the same name as his great-great-great-great-grandfather.
  • When something unexpected happens, Omar exclaims "NO'H!", similar to Homer's catchphrase, "D'OH!"
  • In the Arabic version of the series, Homer Simpson is named Omar Simpson, just like him.


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