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[At Krusty's marriage]
Eartha Kitt: [in her recording about Krusty and their 6 hour marriage] He was asleep for five of those hours, and the one when he was awake was a cat-tastrophe! Raarr!

[Bart finds Krusty near a dumpster pouring cheap gin on a slice of bread and puts another piece of bread and eats it]
Bart: Snap out of it! You're Krusty the Clown! One of Look Magazine's Hundred Most Promising Clowns of 1958!
Krusty: A lot of suicides in that group. Funny suicides, but still my day is over kid.
Bart: What are you talking about? Whose name is on that sign?
(A worker places Princess Penelope's face over Krusty's)
Bart: D'oh!.
(A man is tossing Krusty merchandise into the dumpster and believes the real Krusty to be merchandise that didn't get tossed)
Worker: Hey, how'd this one get way over here?
(He tosses Krusty in the dumpster) 
Krusty: Oh, that's it. I've hit rock bottom. Well my comeback starts now! (His banging causes the lid of the dumpster to fall on him). I mean now! (A racoon appears and bites him) Ow! Let me start by getting out of the dumpster. (The dumpster rolls into the street) Oh, why do clown things always happen to clowns?

Mr. Burns: No donuts!
Lenny: No!
Homer: D'oh!
Carl: Nuts!
Mr. Burns: Exactly!

Sideshow Mel: Aaahhh!!!
Krusty: Don't worry, I'll put out the flames.
[Krusty hits Sideshow Mel with the fire extinguisher]
Sideshow Mel: D'ow!
Krusty: Oops! I use the wrong end!
[Krusty puts the fire extinguisher in Mel's mouth and then Krusty sprays the fire extinguisher cream in Mel's mouth.]
[Sideshow Mel groaning]
[Krusty hits Sideshow Mel with the fire extinguisher again]
Sideshow Mel: Ow!

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