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Opposites A-Frack

Opposites A-Frack is the fifth episode of Season 26. (Originally in production as the final episode of Season 25).


Lisa brings in Assemblywoman Maxine Lombard to thwart Mr. Burns' fracking operation, but is taken aback when the two political opponents find themselves sexually attracted to one another.

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One evening Marge serves pork chops with gravy and even allows Homer to watch TV through the mirrors. At first Homer enjoys it but soon becomes suspicious and asks what's going on. So Marge tells him she invited Patty and Selma to stay in the Simpson home because after getting back from their trip to Paris, the mold in their apartment hasn't been cleaned out. Because Homer ate the food and looked in the mirrors, they are staying. Homer agrees only when the sisters promise that they do not smoke. Homer installs smoke alarms all over the house to ensure this. After an attempt at electronic cigarettes fails, the twins go into the downstairs bathroom to smoke, seeing as Homer forgot to put a smoke alarm there, but they catch fire from the tap water.

Lisa informs Marge that this is possibly a result of fracking, at first she thinks the Rich Texan is behind this but he tells her that he doesn't drill for something he can't dance under (hence why he drills for oil). After a satellite picture, Lisa discovers that Burns is the one operating the fracking. She successfully calls on Democratic Assemblywoman Maxine Lombard to prevent the fracking. After a committee hearing, she manages to shut down his operation. Burns is furious at Maxine Lombard and storms into her office, but the pair have a sexual intercourse and vow to continue their romance despite their political differences. Upon learning that he must obtain the mineral rights to all the citizens in Springfield in order to resume his fracking operation, Burns gives Homer the job of marketing the operation to the citizens of Springfield, Marge does warn Homer about their burning water and Lisa is angry that her father would even join forces with Burns.

Meanwhile Burns and Maxine continue their affair while they continue to hate each other in the public eye. At a Town Hall meeting, Professor Frink warns everyone about water contamination, but Homer promises $5,000 to every person who gives their mineral rights to Burns. At the Fracking plant, when Mayor Quimby is about to pull the switch to resume the operation, Burns discovers that Marge didn't sign the Gas Rights Transfer Form. According to the law, unless every citizen of Springfield signs their forms, the fracking project cannot continue, which infuriates many of the residents who were looking forward to the money. Realizing that he will lose his new job, Homer is offended and angry at Marge even though she once again tells him about their burning water, and during all of this Burns breaks up with Maxine Lombard.

Homer goes to talk to Mr. Burns and later remises on how he and Marge have nothing in common. During their talk Maxine Lombard takes revenge on Burns, demolishing his mansion to use the land for various liberal causes, including Robert Siegel's National Public Radio. Burns plans an even bigger vengeance, and resumes his fracking project at maximum power, causing earthquakes in the city. Marge pleads to Homer to shut it down, and he lights the inflammable water to burn the fracking plant down. On seeing that Homer and Marge can reconcile despite their differences due to their passion, Burns and Lombard get back together, but over the credits, they are seen having a boring conversation while lying in bed using tablet computers.


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