Treehouse of Horror XXV
Opposites A-Frack
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Mr. Burns: Nothing in common, eh? Tell me more.
Homer: Marge likes sushi. I like gum that squirts in your mouth. She's into romantic comedies. I like movies where there's only one day a year when murder is legal.

Homer: Yup, Marge and I see the world in totally different ways. Hmm. Different, exactly.
Mr. Burns: That's why I had to give my woman the old heave-ho.
Homer: So, you don't miss that politics lady at all?
Mr. Burns: Not for one Chinese second. I'm sure she's forgotten all about me by now.

Mr. Burns: Stop laying about you! There's work to be done!

Mr. Burns: Congratulations Simpson! You're now my chief energy innovation marketing officer.
Homer: Woo Hoo!
Mr. Burns: All you've got to do is sell fracking to your friends and neighbors.
Homer: Woo Hoo? I don't know, Fracking is one of that scaring Lisa words.
Mr. Burns: Bah! Fracking produces enough clean natural gas to make America independent of sheiks, caliphs and Scandinavians. Not to mention, it doesn't create any of that awful worker-mutating nuclear waste. (A mutant Charlie enters the room)
Charlie: Homer, game starts in an hour. Don't forget to set your fantasy lineup.
Homer: Thanks Charlie.

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