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Orange is the New Yellow
Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus

"Orange is the New Yellow" is the twenty-second episode of Season 27 and the season finale.


When Marge gets arrested for letting Bart go to the park unsupervised, she serves time only to realize that prison is a welcome break from the demands of her life as a mother and wife. In her absence, Homer struggles to manage all of the parenting and household responsibilities that Marge predominantly handles.

Full Story[]

Homer was leaving the Power Plant for the weekend, as he promised Marge to be home for dinner. However, when he was leaving, Mr. Burns asked Homer for his help to mend a gas leak with a "Safety first" poster and to measure its level with a plumb bob (a procedure that takes hours, as the plumb bob is housed in a ridiculous crane apparatus).

At home, Marge was having trouble taking care of the kids. She was trying to help Lisa with a school project (dressing her as a male seahorse) and feed Maggie. However, Maggie spilled her food all over Marge's dress. Bart offered to help clean the mess, but he caused even more trouble with the chemical products. Marge became frustrated and asked Bart to go play outside. Bart went to the Springfield Park, where Martha Prince realized that he was by himself and called the police. The cops took Bart back home and arrested Marge for neglecting her son.

Marge was sentenced to ninety days in the Springfield Women's Prison. However, she realized that she could use the time to take a break from the stress of being a homemaker. Meanwhile, Homer was having trouble taking care of the kids, but some Springfield residents (especially Ned Flanders) realized that he was going through a difficult phase and planned to help him.

Back at the prison, Marge managed to fit in well. She used her hair as a weapon against the other convicts and made some friends, but Homer hired the blue haired Lawyer, who found out that Marge couldn't be arrested because of a technicality and she was liberated. However, Marge realized that if she left the prison, all the responsibilities of being a homemaker would cause more pressure, so she fired a guard's gun and procured two more months to her term.

In Springfield, other parents took Marge's prison sentence as a warning and agreed to overprotect their children, to the point of taking them on walks with the use of leashes. But the kids have had too much of their parents' attitudes and chose to sneak into the park to have fun by themselves, and their pleasure was threatened by a tornado. Meanwhile, Marge accidentally caused a prison riot. In the midst of the mayhem, she found Homer undercover as a prison guard to help her escape safely. They manage to get back home, where Bart and Lisa have become overly attached to her. The episode finishes with the entire family hugging inside the closet.


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