Orange is the New Yellow
Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus

Cultural references

  • The title of the episode is a reference to the Netflix exclusive series Orange is the New Black.
  • The orange submarine at the Springfield Park is a reference to the song "Yellow Submarine" by The Beatles. The color of the submarines is also a reference to the name of the episode.


  • The last time Marge was in prison was in "Marge in Chains".
  • This is the second time where Homer becomes a prison guard. The first was in "The Wandering Juvie".
  • Lisa plays a Themerin during the opening scene.
  • In the opening sequence, when Maggie is being scanned at the supermarket, instead of $486.52, the scanner reads "Read again".



  • At first, Marge needed a phone to hear Homer through the bulletproof window in the Prison's visiting room, but later, Homer is able to talk to her without the phone.
  • When Marge fires the prison guard's gun, the guard has long sleeves on his uniform. However, the sleeves become short when Marge is handcuffed. When Marge is escorted out of the visiting room, the guard's sleeves are long again.
  • Martha Prince asks her son about his "new friend" but in a deleted scene of Grade School Confidential she already knew Bart and she knew he was friends with Martin.
  • Chief Wiggum says that kids weren’t allowed to go out on their own anymore, even though he had no problem with kids going out on their own in future episodes like “Bart the Bad Guy” for example.

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