The P.V.Q Song is a song about the Personal Value Quotient that is sung by Professor Frink, along with Lindsey Naegle, Comic Book Guy, Melvin Van Horne, Julius Hibbert, Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon and Waylon Smithers, Jr..


Professor Frink:
Forgive me if it seems like I'm attacking,
But I find the old IQ test badly lacking;
If you want to find out just what someone can do,
You need to learn that subject's P.V.Q.
It tests for:
Sympathy and empathy and group collaboration;
Artistry and neatness and complex socialization.
And every single aspect of a personality,
Hey, the P.V.Q.
Is A.O.K with me.
It tests for:
Sarcasm and prudence,
Not if you're Isaac Newton;
Confidence, ambition,
And the teams for whom you're rootin'.
Sideshow Mel:
So it's all the little foibles,
That can make a person whole.
Professor Frink:
Trust the P.V.Q;
The yardstick for the soul.
Now people, you're all geniuses,
Oh please...
My, my, well, thank you.
Professor Frink:
You can see this is no lark,
Emotional intelligence is needed for the ark.
Comic Book Guy:
You mean earnestness and ego,
And if they make a mean burrito.
Lindsey Naegle:
And the social grace to know,
When not to wear a Speedo.
Professor Frink:
Every trait that integrates a winning personality,
Yes, the P.V.Q.
Is what we'll do to find out who,
Will see us through;
Yes, the P.V.Q.
Is A.O.K.
With meeee.
Professor Frink:


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