Pandora Strain is a sci-fi movie starring Treat Williams as William Sullivan.


Despite the movie had not been released yet, the Simpson family had a DVD of this movie in their cabin on their Royalty Valhalla cruise. At the beginning of the movie, William Sullivan announces that there has been an outbreak of a new virus, and people on ships had to stay out at sea in order to not get infected from it.

Not wanting to go back to his boring life while having fun on the cruise with his family, Bart plays this movie from their suite and over every television screen on the ship. However, because the movie had not been released yet, everyone on the ship thought that Sullivan's annoucement is actually real. In order to prevent his prank from being discovered, Bart pours hot fudge from the sundae bar all over the ship's radio so that none of the crew can contact the land and to prevent people from calling home and learning that there was no virus.

A few days later, madness ensues on the ship because of the movie, and Bart is happy that the ship is still at sea and not returning home. However, Bart gets into hot water when his family finds out about the movie, so they make him confess about the prank. Everyone, including Treat Williams (who played the general in the movie), is not only upset at Bart for the prank, but at the rest of the Simpsons for putting them through this madness.

As punishment for Bart pulling off the prank with this movie, Rowan Priddis throws the Simpsons off of the ship and into Antarctica.


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