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It's the end of an era when Homer trades in his old car - but it's the start of a huge error when the new car turns out to be rubbish! Will Homer be able to get his old car back without getting involved in huge comedy situations? Well, of course not...

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Homer's old car is overheating and way down on power while in the Krusty Burger drive-thru.

Homer: Come ON!


I don't HAVE all day!

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While Homer struggles, Apu is ordering 8 meals for his octuplets. However, Gheet is allergic to pickles. Then, Homer's pink car overheats, and the Skinners are watching him see what's wrong.

Apu: ...and 8 Krusty meals. 1 with Diet Spritz. 2 with extra mustard. 3 with no cheese.

Homer: MOVE IT!

Apu: And can you assure me that 1 meal will contain Princess Malibu with pink hair?

Manjula: Recall that Gheet is allergic to pickles.

Apu: And one with no pickles, please.

Krusty: Would you like to add a cookie-crumble iced mocha-chino to your order?

Poonam: Cwown!

Apu: My GOODNESS, no!

Krusty: Your total is $18.32. Please pull forward.


Agnes: What's he DOING, Seymour?

Principal Skinner: I don't know, mother.


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