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Many episodes of the FOX show The Simpsons feature parodies of celebrities. These are different from actual celebrity cameos since these people seem to have never actually appeared on The Simpsons in a cameo role and the references are often satirical in nature.

Parodied celebrities

  • Robert Frost - American poet Robert Frost appears on Krusty's show in "I Love Lisa" trying to read his poem Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening when Krusty dumps snow on him.
  • Mark Russell - In "Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington" there is a parody of famous political musician, Mark Russell playing The Deficit Rag and The Trading Gap Shuffle.
  • Siegfried & Roy - Gunter and Ernst are a very familiar pair of tiger-tamers who actually get mauled by one of their tigers.
  • Elvira, Mistress of the Dark/Vampira - parodied in several episodes in the form of Booberella, a scantily-clad late-night horror movie hostess with abundant cleavage.
  • John F. Kennedy (and other Kennedys) - Mayor Joe Quimby exhibits many Kennedyesque traits, from a wealthy upbringing, to an allegiance with the Democratic Party, to a penchant for womanizing, to a Massachusetts accent.
  • Steven Spielberg - In "A Star is Burns", Mr. Burns hires Señor Spielbergo, a Mexican Director after being unable to get Spielberg to direct his movie. Burns describes him as his 'non-union Mexican equivalent'.
  • Mike Tyson - The boxer Drederick Tatum is a clear parody of Tyson, he has appeared in several different episodes.
  • Don King - The boxing manager Lucius Sweet, who shares King's trademark hair and mannerisms.
  • Paris Hilton - Rich Texan's daughter, Paris Texan.