Pas de Dude[1] is a song sung by Kirk Van Houten and Homer Simpson in the episode, "There Will Be Buds". The song was written by Matt Selman and made by Allen Simpson.

The Simpsons Kirk and homer singing-2

The Simpsons Kirk and homer singing-2


Kirk: How can a wife understand
what it feels like to finally meet a man?
The strongest bond a dude could ever know-whoa-whoa.
A guy to catch a game with.
A pal you don't feel lame with.
Life began the day I found my bro.
Homer: I'm just a normal boozer
stuck with this lame loser.
A dweeb that somehow thinks that I'm his bro-whoa-whoa.
His eyes are small and beady
staring oh so needy.
How I despise him, he will never know.
Kirk: So much cool stuff we can do as a pair.
Homer: Everything about him is annoying!
Kirk: Dress as minstrels at the renaissance fair!
Homer: He smells like fish oil pills!
Kirk: Foosball Fridays in my man cave!
Homer: That waitress was not into you!
Kirk: Designing the world's best Blues Brother man pants!
Homer: He wants us to co-host an Oscar party. What the hell?
I hate everything about him
This clingy fat nosed jerk.
I'm glad he can't...
Kirk: Wish he could...
Both: ...Hear me sing
Homer: About this sweaty
Kirk: Awesome
Homer: Fish oil
Kirk: Awesome!
Homer: I was only pretending to like that stupid dork named... Oh, hi, Kirk.


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