Pas de Dude[1] is a song sung by Kirk Van Houten and Homer Simpson in the episode, "There Will Be Buds". The song was written by Matt Selman and made by Allen Simpson.




Kirk: How can a wife understand
what it feels like to finally meet a man?
The strongest bond a dude could ever know-whoa-whoa.
A guy to catch a game with.
A pal you don't feel lame with.
Life began the day I found my bro.
Homer: I'm just a normal boozer
stuck with this lame loser.
A dweeb that somehow thinks that I'm his bro-whoa-whoa.
His eyes are small and beady
staring oh so needy.
How I despise him, he will never know.
Kirk: So much cool stuff we can do as a pair.
Homer: Everything about him is annoying!
Kirk: Dress as minstrels at the renaissance fair!
Homer: He smells like fish oil pills!
Kirk: Foosball Fridays in my mancave!
Homer: That waitress was not into you!
Kirk: Designing the world's best Blues Brother fanpage!
Homer: He wants us to co-host an Oscar party. What the hell?
I hate everything about him
This clingy fat nosed jerk.
I'm glad he can't...
Kirk: Wish he could...
Both: ...Hear me sing
Homer: About this sweaty
Kirk: Awesome
Homer: Fish oil
Kirk: Awesome!
Homer: I was only pretending to like that stupid dork named... Oh, hi, Kirk.


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