Lisa with an "S"
Paths of Glory

Cultural References

  • Paths of Glory is also the name of a 1957 anti-war film.
  • The song Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne plays during the montage showing Bart taking advantage of his "sociopath" status.
  • Bart mentions the Banana Cabana, a hotel from the TV series, Almost Naked Animals.
  • When Lisa was researching Amelia Vanderbuckle, she was using Wikipedia.
  • Kent Brockman mentions Velma from Hanna Barbera's Scooby Doo series.
  • When the general was listing what the asylum kids blew up, he said Kabul Starbucks.
  • The nurse at the asylum is similar to the nurse in the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
  • Carl mentions the Green Bay Packers and puts a cheesehead hat, which is what Packers wear at the games.
  • Bart searches what a Sociopath is on a site called Suburban Dictionary, a parody of the webside Urban Dictionary.


  • Homer broke the fourth wall when he said "we did everything we could do for him during the commercials."
  • Homer mentioned that the sociopath test was Bart's first 100 in a test, but he already got the maximum grade on a test in Homer vs. Dignity, Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade and Sleeping with the Enemy.
  • Due to President Obama's address to the nation, this episode started 15 minutes late (except in the Mountain and Pacific Time Zones). Therefore, it did not end on time.


  • When Lisa comes down to announce her achievements at the end of the episode, Bart's hair is overlapping with Marge's arm.
  • At the asylum, a girl was wrapping her arm with tape. When the nurse enters, the tape disappears from her arm.

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