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This article is about the Paul Anka character. For the real-life singer and guest star, please see Paul Anka.
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Paul Anka is a Canadian-American singer/songwriter, most famous for his "teen idol" hit songs of the 1950s and 1960s.


When advertising mascots came to life and went on a rampage through Springfield, Lisa Simpson noticed an ad agency copyright stamp in Lard Lad's foorprint and went to the agency to see if they knew how to get rid of the monsters. The man at the agency told her that advertising goes away if people stop paying attention to it, and what she needed was a catchy jingle to make people stop looking at the monsters. After a couple of abortive attempts at writing a jingle, the man told Lisa it would sound better coming from Paul Anka.

Paul Anka and Lisa performed the song "Just Don't Look", which distracted most of the people from the advertising monsters, and the monsters collapsed and died. By the time they finished the song, only Lard Lad was still alive. Homer was so beguiled by Lard Lad's giant donut that he needed extra persuasion to make him stop looking. When he finally did, Lard Lad collapsed and died along with the other mascots/monsters.