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The Kids Are All Fight
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Lisa: (mumbling) Middle child, no one cares about the middle child (lays on her bed) Never ever gonna change! (Homer enters)
Homer: Lisa, can I talk to you?
Lisa: (mumbling) Ah, here it is, the quick check in every two years just like clockwork.
Homer: Allright. Let me speak to you in a language you'll understand. (lies on her bed and starts mumbling) Oh boy, oh boy, Lisa never gets it, she's great and everyone knows...
Lisa: (mumbling) Oh, man. Trying to stay mad, I'm kind of impressed dad's making an effort, It's not really like him...
Homer: (mumbling) I shouldn't say this, I should never say this, but I will, she's my favorite child...
Lisa: (mumbling) Oh, now he's pulling out the big guns, oh, I don't want to pout anymore, if he offers me ice cream I'm gonna break...
Homer: Do you want Ice cream?
Lisa: Yes!
Homer: Woo-Hoo! (they stand up and leave the bedroom holding hands)

Marge: (On a cellphone store in the Springfield Mall) Excuse me, I'm having trouble with the on off button on my phone.
Man: (takes her phone) Okay, let me check your setting, your photos...
Marge: I don't see why you need to do that!
Man: Wow! That guy is really fat!
Marge: That's my husband! (groans and takes her phone back) Let me talk to another salesman.
Man: Oh, I'm not a salesman. (takes off his shirt in celebration)

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