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"Penny-Wiseguys" is the fifth episode of season 24. The episode takes its title from 'Penny Wise', which was a pseudonym used by writer Jon Vitti to avoid getting credit for clip shows.


Otto's replacement on the Pin Pals is Fat Tony's accountant, having been named Fat Tony's temporary replacement while he is on jury duty, and asks Homer to prevent the latter from killing mafia members. When Lisa's fainting spell during a concert is diagnosed as iron deficiency, she starts eating insects, but her attempts to grow a supply of them ends up working a little too well.

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Homer is surprised to discover that his neighbor and bowling teammate, Dan Gillick, is an accountant for Fat Tony and his mob. When the government finally catches up with Fat Tony and he is forced to serve time on a jury, he names Dan as his temporary replacement. Dan eventually becomes power-hungry from the position, which frightens him. Matters take a tipping point when Fat Tony orders him to whack redundant mafia members, to which Dan tries to get Homer to stop him. Despite Homer's efforts, the ploy fails when Dan escapes and goes after the people he was assigned to kill. Homer eventually catches up with him and convinces him to stop. When Fat Tony is relieved of his jury duty, he regains control of the mob, while Dan goes on to run an ear-piercing stand at the Springfield Mall, commenting that he loves the job because he gets to use an ear-piercing gun.

Meanwhile, at a school concert, Lisa passes out during a saxophone solo (from iron deficiency), so she chooses to add insects to her vegetarian diet. She breeds grasshoppers to eat, but it turns disastrous after they escape from their container and contribute to Dan's escape. When the bugs haunt Lisa in her dreams, she immediately quits eating insects. The grasshoppers form a swarm and strip a corn maze.

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