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Pepi is a poor Spanish boy who temporarily became Homer's son.


When Bart joins the Bigger Brothers Agency and is assigned to Tom as his temporary father, Homer signs up to the organization to get a temporary son as well in order to get revenge on Bart, and eventually gets Pepi. As Homer is his temporary father, he learns nonsensical things, such as the fact that whales are not mammals or constellations are named after cowboys.

Later, after Homer and Tom get into a fight, Homer is sent to the hospital (due to his spine getting cracked when he bends onto a fire hydrant), leaving Pepi to fend for himself. Tom says he has prepared a big meal and it would be a shame for it to go to waste. Pepi says not to mention food as he worries where his next meal will come from. When the two realize they have opposing problems, they simple remark "bye" and are about to go their own ways. Bart intervenes, saying Pepi is in more of need of Tom's guidance than himself. Tom then agrees to mentor Pepi as a big brother figure.