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The Pink Sedan (or the Family Sedan) is one of two automobiles belonging to the Simpson family. It is a Plymouth Junkerolla.[1]

It is Homer's car, and he uses it almost exclusively, although Marge, Bart, Lisa and even Maggie have driven it at some point. The car features: minor damage on the left front fender (which has never been repaired), driver's side airbag, a column shifter, a bent up radio aerial, and has a *Trackstar 8-Track radio. It was made in Croatia, out of old Soviet tanks, which might explain why parts of the car are crumpled.


  • In several episodes, the car ends up completely trashed, yet is back to normal the next week.
  • In the opening theme song, Homer seems to have a three-door coupe without an aerial, dent or license plate.
  • After an accident, Homer tells his mechanic, Junior, that he wants his car fixed with "quality GM parts," possibly indicating the car is a GM product. Homer's Mechanic states that Homer's car was built in Croatia, made from Soviet tanks. Irritated by this news, Homer calls Junior "Mr. Sasswrench", a play on words of "Mr. Goodwrench", another GM reference.[2] But it's too big to be a European car, unless it was designed to be shipped over to the States like the Delorean.
  • Homer is embarrassed to drive a woman's car (The F Series Canyonero), and is sectioned for wearing a pink shirt ("Stark Raving Dad"), yet a pink car is fine. Considering it's normal to have yellow skin and blue hair, maybe pink cars have no social stigma.
  • This car is a driveable vehicle in The Simpsons Road Rage and The Simpsons: Hit and Run, as a convertible, as well as being open top.
  • The day Homer bought it has not been shown in the series, but he did own a different car while in high school.
  • The car is sometimes drawn with side-view mirrors, sometimes not.
  • Usually, the license plate is left blank, but when it does have lettering, it varies (see License Plates on The Simpsons). It has appeared to be 1PHL07 on most occasions when it had a license plate. On the old intro, it was a coupe and it was a 1963 Dodge Dart.
  • The sedan can be seen in various colors in some episodes. The color for the car is generally inconsistent. Especially in "Homer Loves Flanders", it is completely light green.
  • In "Mr. Plow" Homer is driving home in a snowstorm when he sees another car in front of him and crashes into it, though the airbag doesn't deploy until he steps out of the car. He observes the damage, stating that he "got him as good as he got me". He then notices his shocked family standing at the door of the house and it is revealed that he has crashed into Marge's orange station wagon. This provokes an unusually loud D'oh". Despite the fact that neither vehicle is in any fit state to be driven for at least a month or so both are fixed in the next episode. Even though Homer said he got the station wagon as good as it damaged his car, it only appears that a part of the hood on the sedan is damaged, whereas the backseats and boot of the station wagon was completely shot.
  • In one episode Homer sold the car to Cleveland and got an electric car instead.
  • It is damaged by Bart in the episode "The Heartbroke Kid" when a severely-overweight Bart goes through the opening sequence. When he lands on the car as it pulls into the driveway, instead of harmlessly bouncing off it onto the ground, his sheer weight crushes it in the middle, ejecting Homer in the process.
  • It is also destroyed in The Simpsons Movie when the sinkhole in the Simpsons's backyard expands after bullets are shot into it. The car is pulled in and crushed, shortly followed by the tree house and the Simpsons house itself.
  • The pink sedan is one of the map markers that can be selected for Garmin GPS devices and is listed as the "Homer".
  • In "Trilogy of Error" as well as "Papa Don't Leech", Marge drove it.
  • After Barney was forced to stay sober during a binge-drinking party at Moe's, he had some kind of breakdown and left the car illegally parked at the former World Trade Center in New York. Homer attempted to recover it legally, but eventually lost patience and attempted to drive it with a boot still on the wheel before removing it with a jackhammer, severely damaging the car in the process.
  • It is also damaged when a sturgeon somehow falls out of the Mir space station and lands on the bonnet, denting it, when Rainier Wolfcastle takes a golf club to it after it crashes into his Ferrari and when Maggie crashes it into the prison and causes a prison break.
  • According to the east coast feed of the live segment in "Simprovised", Homer says his car is a hybrid, which is a mix of old and terrible.
  • In "Pork and Burns", Homer's sedan is identified as a 1986 Plymouth Junkerolla, bearing many similarities to the 1984 Plymouth Reliant.
  • In some episodes, the car is shown to have power windows, but in others it has manual crank windows.
  • In most episodes, the car has an AM/FM stereo with an 8-track player; In one of the newer episodes, it has a modern stereo with a CD player and digital tuning.
  • In "Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge", when Marge suggests that family leave town to get away from Fat Tony, Homer complains about being in "one car with no air-conditioning". This could mean the car has no A/C at all, or the A/C is broken. Homer could also be referring to Marge's car.


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