The Pizza Van

The Pizza Van is one of the traffic vehicles in various levels of The Simpsons: Hit & Run. The Pizza Van was first alluded to in the first level, where Kent Brockman noted they were appearing all over town. Homer notices this just after the news report revealing it, with Homer sensing it was spying on them, with Marge saying that his paranoia makes Homer sexy. After stalking the van long enough, he discovers it was headed to Mr. Burns' Mansion, causing Homer to suspect Mr. Burns was responsible for the spying vans. After being delayed by Marge to sabotage a delivery of Bonestorm games, Homer then tried to warn Carl, although Carl was too drunk to even care, and was ultimately forced to race Mr. Smithers again (having earlier totaled Smither's car to prevent him from inspecting his office), and then accused Mr. Burns upon arrival about the vans, although he then learned to his chagrin that they were only Pizza vans. There is a mission in level 2 require for the player to follow the van up to Herman's Military Antiques in the mission called "Bart n' Frink". 

This car most certainly isn't a pizza van, as the player may notice it has security cameras. Kang and Kodos invented this van to spy on Springfield. Simular to the one in the "Flowers by Irene" mission. 

Behind the laughter

  • The Van was most likely a reference to Bart the Murderer, which dealt with a similar premise about a poorly disguised surveillance van acting as a pizza van in an attempt to monitor Bart (although in that case, the owners were implied to be the FBI).
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