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Every location outside of Springfield that the Simpson family visited.

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Morocco (non-canon)





United Kingdom



  • In the Name of the Grandfather - Grampa is taken to Ireland by the Simpson family and spends time with Homer at O'Flanagan's pub after he recalls about the pub where he claims to would've had the best night of his life many years ago.



Sweden (non-canon)

  • Treehouse of Horror XIV - In the "Frinkenstein" segment, the family goes to Stockholm, Sweden for the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences award ceremony, where Jonathan Frink Sr. tries to make amends with his son Jonathan Frink for his recent behavior, but he goes on yet another rampage through the audience, stealing brains of scientists growing more intelligent. Frink Jr. manages to stop his father with a kick in the crotch, thus killing him.







  • Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo - The family visits Tokyo, Japan after they book a last-minute flight with cheap tickets for their vacation when Homer loses all of the family's checking account money.


North America





  • Kamp Krusty - When the kids of Springfield had a terrible time at Kamp Krusty, Krusty took them to the city of Tijuana, Mexico to make it up to them.
  • The Bob Next Door - Sideshow Bob (disguised as Walt Warren) kidnapped Bart and took him to Five Corners, with Walt and the Simpson family in pursuit. Along the way, Bob left a false trail indicating that he was headed for Mexico. Walt saw through the deception and continued to Five Corners, but the Simpsons followed the false lead and went to Mexico, where Homer managed to get into an argument with a cook over the question of "How do you say 'taco' in Mexican?".


  • Delaware
    • Behind the Laughter - The family wins a contest for going to Delaware.
    • Simpsons Tall Tales - The family wins a trip to Delaware, but Homer refuses to pay the tax on the ticket, so they ride the rails, and meet a hobo who sings and tells them some tall tales.
  • Florida
    • Homer Badman - Grampa mentions visiting this state.
    • Homerazzi - The Simpsons went to a beach there, and Marge recreates the photo of them there after their photo album was destroyed.
    • Special Edna - Bart informs his family that, as nominator, he and his family along with Edna Krabappel are going to Orlando, Florida, where the Teacher of the Year award ceremony will take place in EFCOT Center.
    • Kill the Alligator and Run - Homer is suffering from insomnia due to stress about his age. In an attempt to heal, the family takes a vacation to Florida. Little do they know, it is spring break when they arrive. After Homer accidentally kills the town alligator mascot, the family must go into hiding to avoid getting arrested.
    • Deep Space Homer - NASA takes both Homer and Barney to Cape Canaveral for astronaut training exercises.
    • Sunday, Cruddy Sunday - Homer meets a travel agent named Wally Kogen who offers to send him to the Super Bowl for free if he can sign up all of his friends for a special travel package. Homer convinces Moe, Barney, Lenny, Carl, Kirk Van Houten and several other men to sign up. All the men pile into a bus Wally furnishes for the trip and drink their way to Miami for the game. When they get there, however, they discover that the tickets Wally sold them were counterfeit.
    • Catch 'Em if You Can - When the kids realize that Marge and Homer have gone to Miami for a second Honeymoon (instead for their birthday of their uncle), the siblings do what they can to ruin their parents' honeymoon.
  • Missouri
    • The Old Man and the Key - Grampa is crushed when Zelda accepts Zack’s offer to spend some time in Branson, Missouri. With help from Bart, he hot wires Marge's car and heads off to win back his love. Homer and Marge deduce where Grampa has taken the car. They choose to take a bus to Branson so they can confront him. Bart and Grampa follow Zelda and Zack into a Branson theater, where a huge musical revue is underway, featuring a huge cast of faded stars.
    • Bart on the Road - After Bart, Milhouse, Martin and Nelson plan to go to the World's Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee when Bart gets a fake driver's license, Nelson makes them take a detour in Branson, Missouri (Bart: "Dad says it's just like Vegas... if it were run by Ned Flanders"), where he can see his hero, Andy Williams.
  • Nevada
    • Viva Ned Flanders - Homer takes Ned to Las Vegas, Nevada, where they spend time there, but are accidentally married to the two waitresses that served them drinks at Nero's Palace. Homer and Ned are then captured by security and are forbidden to come back to Vegas.
  • New Jersey
    • Catch 'Em if You Can - Homer and Marge run away to Atlantic City, where they see their children on their trail once again.
    • The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace - Homer sets out with Bart and his electric hammer to the Edison Museum in New Jersey to destroy the reclining chair after he notices his poster of Edison sitting in the same chair Homer invented (revealing that Edison already invented it) and finds out that no one else saw the extra legs on it and thus Edison has never received public credit for inventing it.
  • New York
    • The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson - Driven to the brink of insanity by his appointed status as designated driver, Barney Gumble drives to downtown Manhattan in Homer's car, leaving it there. But when the family journeys to the Big Apple to retrieve their property, Homer faces a one-on-one showdown with the dreaded boot.
    • Catch 'Em if You Can - Homer and Marge find themselves in Niagara Falls while running off from their kids, but they're following their trail once again here.
    • The Simpsons return to New York City when Lisa finds temporary success on Broadway in Lisa with an "S".
  • Tennessee
    • Bart on the Road - Finding an old brochure in the glove box of the car after Bart receives a fake driver's license, he, Nelson, Milhouse and Martin plan to go to the World's Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee.
  • Utah
    • Any Given Sundance - The family goes to Park City, Utah as Lisa's documentary is being screened at the Sundance Film Festival, but the other Simpson family members aren't particularly happy that the movie does not exactly show their good sides.
  • Vermont
    • Moe'N'a Lisa - Moe and the family are invited to "Wordloaf", a writer’s convention in Vermont, by Tom Wolfe, after Lisa's poem about Moe becomes a smash hit.

South America



  • Lost Verizon - The family goes to Machu Picchu, Peru (Marge's dream trip that the family couldn't afford) and search all over the Inca ruins for Bart (which is actually a bird they've been searching for the whole time thanks to Bart putting the GPS on its leg as a prank).




  • Bart vs. Australia - In a way to spite Lisa, Bart makes a prank call to Tobias Drundridge, a naive Australian boy, which sparks international controversy. Because of this, the State Department wants to imprison him for five years, but settles upon having Bart personally apologize in Australia. Eventually, the family is sent to Australia, where they start exploring the culture.




The Island


  • Homer the Heretic - Homer has a dream in which he personally appears to God in Heaven. God is very angry at Homer for "forsaking his church", but Homer points out that he's not a bad guy, as he works hard and loves his children, and asks why he should spend half his Sunday hearing about how he's going to hell. After a brief chat about football, Homer explains that what bugs him most about church is the sermons, where God couldn't agree more. He mentions that Reverend Lovejoy really displeases him and that he'll give him a canker sore. Later, at the end of the episode, God agrees with Homer's point and agrees to let Homer worship in his own way.
  • Thank God It's Doomsday - After the rapture, Homer dreams about being in heaven.
  • The Simpsons Game - The family goes to Heaven to defeat God, the final boss of the game.