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Playdate with Destiny


  • Disney's acquisition of 21st Century Fox is reflected in the short's introduction, with a silhouette of Mickey Mouse appearing before transitioning with Homer holding two donuts, which he then eats. Also the opening credit's card reads "Disney welcomes The Simpsons".
  • The Gracie Films logo shown at the end of the short features a cameo of Mickey Mouse (who is weirdly muscular) in the audience, reflecting Disney's acquisition of 21st Century Fox on March 19, 2019.
  • This is the first The Simpsons short film to be rated G by the MPA, unlike The Longest Daycare, which was rated PG.
    • However, when it started streaming on Disney+, it was given a TV-PG rating, possibly due to the scene where a mother reads a book with the word "breastfeed" on the cover and the brief fantasy scene where Maggie and Hudson drink glasses of champagne.
    • Another update to the short film's rating was changed from TV-PG to a G rating, closely matching its original theatrical release.
  • This is the second Simpsons theatrical short, after The Longest Daycare (which was released with Blue Sky's Ice Age: Continental Drift) in 2012, and the first since the Disney-Fox merger was completed.
  • This is the first Simpsons short film to be released on Disney+ after its brief run in theaters before the COVID-19 outbreak forced movie theaters to temporarily close.
  • This is the only The Simpsons short film with limited dialogue, which consists of the Phonic Frog saying the letter "Y" four times and Homer’s eating noises (at the beginning of the short).
  • The titles of the books the mothers are reading read You're Doing Everything Wrong, How Dare You Not Breastfeed, Help! My Baby's Ugly, and 3rd Child's the Charm!.
  • When Homer enters Broken Ankle Park, a sign outside reads "You must be this medicated to enter" with several pill capsules that read "A.D.D.", "A.D.H.D" and "Helps with S.A.T.".
  • The Disney+ cut of the short begins with the Disney+ Originals logo, despite the fact that the short was shown in theaters before Onward. The logo was removed the day after.
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