Playdude is an adult magazine. Homer has a stash and reads them frequently, although he strongly implies that it is for the interviews. His stash was discovered by Marge, and she attempts to destroy them. However, Bart finds them and eventually starts a cult based on the teachings of Playdude before Homer stops him.

Behind the Laughter

Playdude is based on the adult magazine Playboy. In "Homer the Heretic", Homer reads the magazine. It probably has centerfolds and it is known to have interviews, because Homer reads one in the aforementioned episode. Homer also attempts to explain this to Marge when she finds them during renovations for the house, leading to Marge cutting them up. Several copies of Playdude in the show looks similar to American Breast Enthusiast.

Playdude was mentioned in Level 4 of The Simpsons Hit and Run, specifically in the mission "Wolves Stole my Pills!". Nelson Muntz admitted when Marge Simpson confronted him over stealing Abraham Simpson II's crazy pills that he already gave them to a black sedan in exchange for various issues of Playdude magazine, including one which featured an interview with "the guy who invented the Wa-Wa-Panel".


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