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Spider Pig! Spider Pig! Does whatever a spider pig does!
Homer singing to Spider Pig
He's not Spider Pig anymore, he's Harry Plopper.
Homer after warned by Marge to dispose his waste properly.

Plopper the Pig is Homer Simpson's pet pig. Homer first met Plopper when he and Bart were in Krusty Burger. Plopper is mostly famous for being called "Spider-Pig".


Plopper was adopted by Homer after he sees him featured in a Krusty Burger commercial filmed live at one of Springfield's Krusty Burger locations when he is about to be killed. (Homer's logic is he believes that animals wearing people's clothes shouldn't be killed). Although Marge wanted Homer to get rid of the pig because a warning seemingly crazy Abe Simpson had of "twisted tail" being one of the signs being trapped forever, Homer kept the pig. Homer then played with Plopper, particularly making it seem like he is crawling on the ceiling to spoof Spider Man and leaving pig footprints all over the place. Homer puts his droppings in a giant silo marked "pig crap" in the back yard. Marge told Homer to dispose of the waste properly, adding that he could take "Spider-Pig" with him, to which Homer replied that the pig was named "Plopper" but agreed to get rid of the silo anyway.

Plopper, made up to look like Harry Potter.

Homer took the silo to the waste treatment center for it to properly disposed of. While waiting in line, he received a call from Lenny that one of the doughnut shops in town was shutting down and they were liquidating the assets, which were going very fast. Not wanting to miss out on free doughnuts, Homer rushes to Lake Springfield, smashes though several signs and a barrier surrounding it and dumped the silo of pig waste into the severely polluted lake. The lake's water becomes even more toxic and mutagenic, leading to Springfield being covered by a dome and an angry mob going after the Simpsons and trying to kill Homer after it is discovered that the silo is the "Property of Homer Simpson."

Later while the Simpson family was escaping from their house during the mob by walking across a wooden plank leading to the Flanders's house, Plopper pushed the board, toppling the family to the ground and fulfilling the "twisted tail" part of Grampa Simpson's vision. Despite still being in the house when it collapsed due to the sinkhole, he survived. He was seen being placed as a present from one of Cletus's relatives at Bart and Mary's wedding.[1]

Plopper eventually became so famous, he was put on the Springfield Wall of Fame.

Although he legally belongs to Homer, he also has been used by other members of Springfield, including Luigi by working as a truffle finder, although his job met a premature end when Lisa managed to find another way to detect truffles, relegating him to juggling steak knives (although the way he showed the knife initially made it seem as though he was actually going to kill Plopper due to outliving his usefulness).

He returned in the season 27 episode, "Puffless".

Non-canon appearances

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At some point he nearly endangered the town again, although this time by somehow causing a nuclear meltdown that would happen in approximately thirty minutes. Just like Trappucino, this also resulted in most of the townsfolk forming an angry mob and trying to kill Homer (as he was technically responsible due to being Plopper's owner). Plopper initially causes some problems for Homer due to stealing Maggie's pacifier before Homer could get a chance to retrieve it for Maggie in exchange for his car keys so he could drive over to the power plant to stop the meltdown. After subduing Plopper by turning off the lights, Plopper then accompanied Homer to the plant. He eventually led Homer straight to the plant after Homer was forced to rush there on foot due to crashing the car outside Moe's due to being distracted by picking lint off his naval, eventually leading Homer not only to the Power Plant itself, but also to the meltdown lever. Homer eventually manages to stop the disaster before it could happen.

In Simpsons Comics #160, he is seen with Stampy and the Simpson family on Bart and Lisa's Grandsons's wall and is a main part of the story that parodies "Charlotte's Web" in which he can talk. In Simpsons Comics #168, he is one of the things that frown at Homer as Balder.

In the intro to Diggs, he is zapped and disintegrated by a laser.

Behind the Laughter

The Spider-Pig song gag which parodies the Spider-Man theme is arguably the most remembered and popular scene in the movie. It was featured on many trailers for the film. According to the writing staff, it was one of the latest additions to the film.

When the Simpsons escape Springfield, Chief Wiggum shoots at the sinkhole The Simpsons escaped through and the house gets sucked in and demolished by it and it was believed that Plopper possibly died. However, the release of the DVD shows an a slightly alternate ending, where Spider Pig is helping out with the reconstruction of a Santa's Little Helper's doghouse, along with the Multi-eyed squirrel and SLH. In addition, he is in the couch gag in He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs - Homer cuddles him and refers to him as his "summer love". He has also made brief cameo appearances in the Heck House segment of "Treehouse of Horror XVIII," and later appears in "All About Lisa" and "Apocalypse Cow".

In a promo for the movie, they had a pig balloon floating around, but had a sharpshooter in case the pig floated away like one of the Pink Floyd Pigs.

Ironically an official version of Spider-Man who is a pig does exist, who is part of the Marvel multiverse canon, called "Spider-Ham" (with his alter ego being called "Peter Porker").

Spider-Pig Song

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Spider Pig, Spider Pig,

Does whatever a spider-pig does.

Can he swing from a web?

No, he can't, he's a pig

Look ouuuut! He is the Spider-Pig

Other media

The name SpiderPig has been used in other media. The GPS messenger app[Archive of dead link] called SpiderPig can be downloaded for iPhone and Android.


Stupid Pig - By Luigi




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