Pokémon is a Japanese franchise that started in 1995 with video games and 1997 with the animated anime television series. The franchise is owned by Nintendo. Pokémon quickly became popular in Japan and expanded to the United States, where it is also very popular. It also became popular in the United Kingdom, Peru, Canada, France, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Italy, and many more other countries where the franchise was popular in.

Pokémon also is famous for its trading cards, which have become popular in the United States. Pokémon has also had feature movies. The first three were produced for theaters by Viz Video and distributed by Warner Bros. Television Distribution and the rest were all produced for direct-to-video.

Pokémon has also been referenced several times on the Simpsons.



Image Season Episode number Episode name Description
ThirtyMinutesoverTokyo 10 226 "Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo" Bart is watching a show called Battling Seizure Robots which is a Japanese show that gives viewers seizures. This is a reference to the Pokémon episode "Denno Shenshi Porygon (Electric Soldier Porygon)" which gave 685 Japanese children seizures on December 16, 1997. The episode has since not aired since and never made broadcast in the United States. An English dub, however, is known to exist, but has never aired.
12 258 "Pokey Mom" The title of the episode.
Cosby 12 268 "Children of a Lesser Clod" Homer, Rod and Todd watch an episode of "Kids Say the Darnedest Things" on television, and Bill Cosby asks a kid, "What do you like to play?" The kid replies, "Pokémon!" to which Cosby replies, "Pokémon?! Pokémon with the Poké and the Mon and the guy with the thing who comes out and he's like..." and rambles on.
Bart vs Lisa vs the 3rd Grade 14 294 "Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade" While Bart is taking a test his mind is focused on satellite television and he has a vision everyone in his class is a television character and one classmate is turned into a Pikachu.
Japanese characters 15 320
"'Tis the Fifteenth Season"
"Fraudcast News"
During the couch gag every Simpson family member is a Japanese television show character and Maggie is Pikachu. In Germany Pikachu's voice actor in season 1 is the same one who voices Maggie in the German version of "The Simpsons" along with Lisa who is Sailor Moon in the couch gag and Sailor also appears to be voiced by the same voice of Lisa, Maggie, and Pikachu. Lisa was also, at the time, voiced by Sailor Moon's voice actress, Patricia Acevedo, in the Latin American dub.
Picture0022 21 455 "Postcards From the Wedge" Bart is seen watching an imitation Pokémon anime on television, starring Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, and he asks himself, "How does this show stay so fresh?"
26 556 "Treehouse of Horror XXV" Maggie appears as a Pikachu.
S28e20 48 28 616 "Looking for Mr. Goodbart" "Peekimon Get", a parody of ''Pokémon Go", "has taken over the city of Springfield."


  • In Issue #7 of the Bart Simpson comic book series, there is a cartoon called "What's New Porkymen", where a Pikachu parody called "Pikanose" hypnotizes the viewers. In this case, Maggie is the one who is hypnotized after watching him. While under the influence of her new "master", Maggie thinks that she is on a mission to conquer all the wild animals she can find at the Springfield Wild Animal Preserve.
  • In Issue #12 of the Bart Simpson comic book series, the chapter An Anime Among Us! is a reference to Pokemon. Bart is dressed as Ash Ketchum and Santa's Little Helper is a Pikachu like creature called Santachoo.


  • In July 16, 2016, the Youtube channel "Animation on FOX" (former "Animation Domination") posted a short called "Pokémon Now?" where Homer fails to pay attention to their kids at the Zoo because he's playing Pokémon Go.
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