Pokey Mom
Worst Episode Ever


  • Maggie does not appear in this episode, but her picture can be seen in Homer and Marge’s room.
  • Sideshow Bob can be seen in the infirmary wearing a headcast from the neck up.
  • While working at the prison Marge informs Bart that Sideshow Bob will be seeing him very soon. Bart laughs and replies, "Oh, that Bob." Bob would return to terrorize Bart three episodes later in "Day of the Jackanapes".
  • When Homer taunts the bull with Lisa's red dress, he then asks for Bart's blue shirt to calm the bull down and Bart says he doesn't have one. However, in a high percentage of Simpson Comic stories he is shown in a blue shirt and also in early seasons of the show sometimes wearing a blue shirt.

Cultural References

  • At the beginning of the episode, the bed folds in half completely, parodying the Jetsons Movie, in which the scene is the method of waking up George on his first day at the Orbiting Ore Asteroid.
  • When the warden says Bob Dylan wrote a song to keep Jack in prison, it is an allusion to Dylan's song "The Hurricane", which was written to help get Rubin "Hurricane" Carter out of prison (after two decades in prison, Carter's conviction was overturned).
  • The name of this episode refers to the popular franchise Pokémon.
  • The chalkboard gag in this episode references the song "Who Let the Dogs Out"


Marge with blue-gray skin under her necklace

  • At the beginning of the episode when Marge is getting Homer out of bed, her skin below her necklace is briefly blue-gray like her jacket.
  • In two different scenes when Marge looks out the window she can see the prison and then in the next scene when she looks out she sees Springfield elementary.
  • The chairs which the audience sits in during the presentation of Jack Crowley's painting change between blue and purple depending on the shot.

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