Police Cops is a series that aired on FOX during Mid-season. The Simpsons family watched it. It featured a character named Homer Simpson.


In the pilot episode, the character Homer Simpson was a really cool action hero. He and his partner Lance Kaufman took out some bank robbers. In the next episode onwards, Homer Simpson became a buffoon, hated by the Chief.

The show was originally going to be called Badge Patrol, but according to one of the show's 13 creators 'the stupid network idiots didn't want a show about high tech badges that shoot laser beams', so after a discussion about who was behind the badge, they came up with Police Cops.


  • There are 13 creators, and 13 is said to be an unlucky number. This would fit the part of the episode where it's unlucky for Homer Simpson that there is a buffoon on television with the same name.
  • The pilot episode and characters of Homer and Lance are tributes to the 1980s TV show Miami Vice and its iconic characters Sonny Crockett (Homer) and Tubbs (Lance), who are cops that drive a sports car and both Sonny and Homer in the pilot are men who attract ladies. 


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