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Holidays of Future Passed
Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson
The D'oh-cial Network

"You can check my carry-on, but you can't check my spirit! And why is there moisture between the windows? And don't wake me up to land! Just LAND!"
Homer Simpson

"Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson" is the tenth episode of Season 23.


While flying on a plane, Homer starts protesting about modern flights while riding an aircraft food trolley, and Bart records a video. This video goes viral and Homer creates a TV show. The show is a bit too good and Homer is chosen by the Republicans to choose the presidential candidate running against President Obama, and he quickly starts endorsing Ted Nugent (who guest stars as himself).

Full Story[]

The Simpsons are going to a relative's wedding in Montana and waiting in a very long line at Springfield International Airport. Homer's suitcase is full of unusual objects which makes it two pounds over the maximum baggage weight. When they board the plane, the pilot says that the flight will be slightly delayed because of a jailbreak in New South Wales, then they turn off the air conditioning and allow the ethnic passengers to eat their weird and foul smelling foods (one man simply eating a goat's head). After seven hours of waiting, Homer needs to use the lavatory, but the Air Hostess won't let him. Homer runs into the facility and goes on a rant, convincing the passengers that airlines don't treat people with respect anymore. The Air Marshal orders the hostesses to close in on him, and Homer escapes by jumping onto the snack trolley and rides down the aisle continuing his speech whilst Bart records it on video. Homer crashes through the emergency exit and lands face first onto the wing, he jumps of it and is met by security officers who hit him with batons. In their seats the passengers cheer.

Homer is examined in the Security Examination Room and the rest of the family is waiting outside. Bart uploads the video to MyTube as "fatso goes nutso". Different people then watch it all over America giving it 150,000,000 views.

At the Kwik-E-Mart Homer walks in disguised, because of so many people recognizing him from the viral video. A crowd recognizes him and to Homer's surprise, starts cheering and congratulating him.

On the show Head Butt with Nash Kastor, Nash Kastor "butts heads" with Homer but turns out kissing the other presenter. Homer goes on another rant and the family are all proud of him. The producers are so impressed they give him his own show, titled Gut Check with Homer Simpson where he rants emotionally.

Homer does a show where he has a steak in the shape of the USA and he pours "the gravy of freedom" on it, then wears the gravy boat as a helmet. Everyone comes out their houses wearing gravy boats and march down the street.

Homer becomes so famous he goes to a meeting with the republican party to choose the next president of the USA. Homer is going to choose a Democrat but then Ted Nugent walks in and Homer chooses him instead.

Homer is asleep when he is woken up by James Madison. He takes Homer to teach him of Democracy. He convinces Homer not to endorse Ted Nugent.

Homer wakes up and thinks it was all a dream. He sees a Springfield Colonial Village leaflet with an advertisement for a James Madison lookalike and realizes the family must have hired him. He gets offended and endorses Ted Nugent again.

Ted Nugend

Another promo picture for the episode.

Homer does a show to advise people to vote for Ted Nugent. He gets to the cue where he is supposed to sob and he can't do that and then realizes he doesn't believe in what he is saying, then gets rid of his gravy boat and stops endorsing Ted Nugent.


The episode has received generally positive reception from television critics and has been particularly praised for its satire of politics and cable news commentators.


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