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(Speaking to Lisa) Lisa, you want to come skip rope?
―Popular Girl 3[src]

Popular Girl 3 is an unnamed student at Springfield Elementary School.


Her first appearance was a secondary character in "Father Knows Best". She was one of several girls who were laughing at Lisa. Eventually, she would hang out with Lisa in the same episode.

In "Stealing First Base", she invited Lisa to jump rope with her and another girl. It's not known if Lisa ever bonded with her or her other friends.

This would be the only time she was ever heard speaking. She usually appears in the background of the episode, usually at school.


She wears a pink shirt, a red skirt, pink socks, and red and white sneakers. She has brown hair, a red alice headband in her hair, and pink earrings. In her first appearance, her socks were red.

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