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The Color Yellow
Postcards From the Wedge
Stealing First Base
(After taking Bart's temperature via behind)
Marge: 103 on the dot, you're staying home.
Lisa: (stunned that he beat the rectal thermometer) How did you... ?
Bart: I don't want to talk about it.

Maude: (in Flashback) Neddy, when you're drying your hands with our monogrammed towels, can you use the "N.F." towel, not the "M.F.?"
Ned: Well, how about I use the one marked "B.D.D.: Big Diddly Deal?"

(Groundskeeper Willie is cleaning the school hallways with his floor buffer when a second tremor starts to shake the school.)
Willie: Ach! She's comin' down! (prays) Oh, Lord, let me finish this hallway, then ye can send me to hell a happy man. (continues cleaning)

Homer: (looks inside the subway ladies room), Well, I’ll be, there's a sofa in there.

Lisa: (To Bart) Now, what are you up to?
Bart: What happened to the "hi"?
Lisa: Hi. Now, what are you up to?

Bart: I never knew Springfield had a subway. It's completely like in a technical museum.
Milhouse: But there's no prison guard who would tell us we can't go inside.
(they get on the train and start driving it)

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