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Powell Motors was a motor company owned by Homer's half brother, Herbert Powell, based in Detroit, Michigan.


After a fight with his executives whom he felt were out of touch with the needs and wants of the American car customer, Herbert asked Homer to design a car the average American would want to buy. However, Homer's views were much different to that of the average American. At the launch of Homer's car (named The Homer) it was revealed the car would cost $82,000. The result is that the company went bankrupt with Herb losing his home, business, and everything he ever worked for. Powell Motors is last seen being overtaken by the car conglomerate, Kumatsu Motors due to its bankruptcy. Although commercials for Powell Motors were never shown, Herb later says the company jingle was "Whether you are going near or far, Powell makes a pow-pow-powerful car."

Powell Motors Tapped Out

Tapped Out

Behind the Laughter[]

Being a Detroit based automaker, Powell Motors was likely based on one or more of the Detroit "big three" automakers, Chrysler, Ford and General Motors. Most likely a parody of the latter two, It is based in the city of Detroit, as GM is. For designing and producing "The Homer" automobile, Powell Motors could also loosely be based on the failure of the Edsel, a car built in the late 1950s by Ford (however, unlike Powell, Ford did not go out of business).