A Powersauce display at the Kwik-E-Mart.

Powersauce is an energy bar that is said to include 6 types of apples. Homer ate a lot of Powersauce bars when working out at the gym and later as he climbed up The Murderhorn. It is revealed that bars are actually made from apple cores and old Chinese newspapers, not even properly shredded ones as Homer is able to read an article in one of his bars. Rainier Wolfcastle was the mascot for Powersauce.

The energy bar is labeled:



A bushel of apples packed into each bar, plus a secret ingredient that unleashes the awesome power of apples.

Behind the laughter

  • Powersauce is a stereotype of how companies brag about their products.
  • Powersauce is a very thinly veiled satire of a real product, PowerBar.


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