The Devil Wears Nada
Pranks and Greens
Rednecks and Broomsticks
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Bart: (To Lisa) Andy has the perfect life! all he does is reminisce about his pranks, and when his mom gets home from work, she makes him whatever sandwich he wants!
Lisa: This Andy sounds like kind of a loser.
Bart: How could someone so much like me be a loser?
Lisa: Loser!
Bart: Would a loser have showed me how to put printer's ink in a bottle of shampoo?
Grandpa: (Taking a shower with his skin blue) I've never felt so clean!
Lisa: Loo-hoo-seeer
Bart: Yeah, but... uh... he... Dad! Lisa is making me see things from both sides again!
Homer: Lisa, I warned you about that!
Lisa: Shouldn't Bart have all the information he needs to make an informed decision?
Homer: Well... I'd... You.... Now you're doing it to me! oh!

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