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Rap music belongs in the rubbish bin. It encourages punching, boastfulness, and rudeness to hos!
Marge Simpson

"Pranksta Rap" is the ninth episode of Season 16.


Homer and Marge don't let Bart go to a rap concert, so Bart escapes and mentions he was kidnapped, but Chief Wiggum believes the kidnapper is Kirk Van Houten and arrests him.

Full Story

The episode starts with Homer watching TV, then Santa's Little Helper mistakenly swallows the remote with some potato chips. There is a commercial for a rap concert. Bart sees the commercial for the rap show "Murder 4 Life" and plans to go, even though Lisa is disappointed that he has become "another lame suburban kid who loves rap". Homer has no qualms about letting Bart buy the ticket himself, as long as Bart doesn't block the TV. Later, when Marge sees Bart wearing ghetto-like clothing, she finds out about the hip-hop show and, along with Homer, forbids him from going to the rap show. However, Bart feels that since he bought his own ticket, he is an adult and plans to go to the show.

While the concert is underway, the microphone of the rapper, Alcatraaz, falls into Bart's hands. Alcatraaz challenges him to use it or step off. Bart, not one to step down, gets up on stage and cuts a rap (which basically disses Homer), making him an instant hit with the crowd. Impressed with this "little yellow cracker", Alcatraaz gives him a ride in his Hummer-limo. As they drive, they see 50 Cent in his own Hummer-limo, who advises Bart to stay in school. When Bart gets home, Alcatraaz gives him a free jersey.

However, as he passes by the window, he overhears Marge and Homer talking. They have discovered his little escapade and are waiting for him (Homer with his belt in hand). Bart chooses that he should "face the music like an adult... or lie his way out of it like a kid." So he climbs up to his treehouse and, removing his incriminating jersey, starts writing a note. He then ties the note round a rock and throws it through the window, right where Homer and Marge are standing. Marge reads it, which says that he has been kidnapped and that they should await further instructions. While Marge is shocked that Bart has been kidnapped, Homer is more upset that they have "to await further instructions".

The whole community comes out in support of the Simpson family. Chief Wiggum declares, in a press conference, that the kidnapper will not get away, as he himself is on the case. This brings peals of laughter from the assembled reporters, one of whom asks if they should prepare for Bart's funeral already. Despite Wiggum's assurances, no one believes that he can solve the case. Later, he withdraws to his office and muses over all his failures as a cop. He feels so depressed that he turns to the bottle... of maple syrup, with a plate of pancakes. As he eats, Barney Fife (of the The Andy Griffith Show) "communicates" with him, through the TV, convincing him to put all his efforts into solving this case. Wiggum, thus encouraged, agrees to do so.

Meanwhile, Milhouse plays frisbee by himself, feeling blue that Bart is not there to watch him do it. Bart makes an appearance and tells him his scheme. Milhouse lets Bart stay at his dad's place in the rundown "Bachelor Arms" apartments. As Bart prepares popcorn, he calls his family, disguising his voice, acting as the kidnapper. Wiggum is at the Simpsons' place, listening in with a recorder. After the call, he plays it back and hears the popcorn popping in the background. He identifies it as "Chintzy Pop" (a very cheap popcorn). After a visit to the Kwik-E-Mart, Apu notifies Wiggum that there are only two people cheap enough to buy that brand - Wiggum himself and Kirk.

While Kirk enjoys his popcorn and plays a poker video game in his apartment, the cops raid the place and find Bart there. Kirk is arrested on charges of kidnapping and Bart is returned to his relieved parents. Wiggum is hailed a hero in Springfield for having solved the case. He is promoted to police commissioner, and in turn, he promotes Lou to police chief and Eddie to "Lou".

Bart and Wiggum are given a parade. Milhouse confronts Bart, telling him that his dad went to jail because of Bart. Bart feels guilty and later confesses to Wiggum in his office. However, Wiggum tells Bart to maintain the lie, since everyone is a winner (even the imprisoned Kirk, who gets a cleaner home, three meals a day, and single women cheering for him).

Later, as Lisa sits outside, she sees crows hovering around the treehouse. When she investigates, she finds Bart's jersey there and realizes that Bart had not been kidnapped at all. She shows the jersey to Homer, who tells her she did the right thing by showing it to him. He then throws it in the fireplace to burn up the evidence. Apparently, Hollywood has paid him a lot of money (which he has already wasted) to make a movie about Bart's "kidnapping". Then, inexplicably, he burns up his own shirt and pants.

Lisa then goes to Principal Skinner and tells him the story. Without hesitation, he agrees to expose Bart as a fraud. But first, they will need proof. So they choose to go Alcatraaz's mansion and find out from the rapper himself. However, Wiggum gets wind of their snooping, so he meets with Homer, Bart and Kirk and they decide to cover the whole thing up, before they all lose. Wiggum even has had jackets made for the cover-up, though they can never wear them.

Later, Lisa and Skinner go to Alcatraaz's place and ask him for video footage of Bart at the rap show. They even get the time and date off of different people's "bling", as seen in the footage. They now have proof that Bart was actually at the show, at the same time the kidnapping was supposed to have occurred. Wiggum, accompanied by Homer and Bart, bursts in, gun drawn, demanding the tape. However, Alcatraaz's entourage respond by "yanking out their pieces". Wiggum withdraws, since his gun isn't even loaded.

Homer and Bart try to convince Lisa and Skinner of how this lie has made everyone one involved happier with no downside. However Lisa still plans on telling just for the sake of the truth. Homer, flamboyantly trying to tell Lisa to "be cool", accidentally wrecks a big-screen TV, prompting the entourage to level their guns at him. However, Alcatraaz tells them all to relax, and using the infinite wisdom of the street, has the perfect solution: "HOUSE PARTY!"

The house party is a big hit, with many rappers and hip-hop artistes in attendance. Bart and Wiggum are made the center of attention. Lisa still wonders whether this is right, but Homer tells her not to worry about it, and then he cannonballs into the pool. Skinner asks Alcatraaz about his chances of being in the rapper's entourage. Alcatraaz tells him that they already have someone similar - Superintendent Chalmers, who orders Skinner to "step off, dog!"


Many people thought this episode was decent and better than most of the other later season episodes, but they wished that 50 Cent had a bigger part in the episode.


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