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The Strong Arms of the Ma
Pray Anything
Barting Over
Bart: Lisa Leslie, you got game!
Lisa Leslie: I think you mean "I have game". Try to speak correctly.
Bart: You go, girl!
Lisa Leslie: Yes, I will depart lest your bad grammar rub off on me.

Lisa Leslie (to Flanders): Thanks for supporting the WNBA, sir.
Flanders: You betcha. It's a nice break from the male sports I usually watch.
Lisa Leslie: You like male sports?
Flanders: Oh, sure! Speed walking, ballroom dancing, rhythmic gymnastics, extreme choir…
Lisa Leslie: Just hurry up and miss.

Homer: Dear Lord, as I think of you, dressed in white, with your splendid beard, I am reminded of Colonel Sanders, who is now seated at your right hand, shoveling popcorn chicken into thy mouth. Lord, could you come up with a delicious new taste treat like he did? (claps twice) I command you!

Homer: The grass is actually greener on Flanders' side.
Marge: That's because you keep passing out on our lawn. (scene shows silhouettes of Homer on the ground)

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