I am the President of the United States and I demand to know what's going on here!

President of the United States is a character from the Mr. Smith Goes to Washington remake helmed by Mel Gibson.


After Mel Gibson's character of Mr. Smith snapped and proceeded to commit manslaughter on the entire Senate, eventually culminating in Mr. Smith proceeding to throw a fire extinguisher at the head of senate just as he lowered his gavel causing an immense explosion that obliterated the entire Congress dome, the president, presumably having been notified of the riot, entered by kicking open the door to see the obliterated senate room and, upon introducing himself, demands an explanation for what happened. Mr. Smith proceeded to "reply", by removing the seal of office and throw it like a discus, with the president, upon realizing that it's headed in his direction, could barely emit a scream before being decapitated, with Mr. Smith proceeding to grimly pick up the head and wish him a happy birthday before being carried out by his boy scout troop.[1]


  • Even though a few bars of Hail to the Chief are heard as the President enters the ruined senate room, the president still ended up identifying himself as the President of the United States.
  • The president being decapitated by Mr. Smith was one of the reasons why Edward Christian, William Milo, and Robyn Hannah of PolyStar pictures refused to show the film with the ending cut intact.



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