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Pretzel Wagon was a chain of pretzel-stand franchises owned by Frank Ormand.

Marge's franchise

Let's all give into deliciousness—the Pretzel Wagon way!
―The slogan for Marge's franchise

After being voted off the Springfield Investorettes, Marge decides to invest in her own business. When the Investorettes take the one business Marge would've possibly considered thinking about joining, Frank Ormand's Pretzel Wagon catches her attention. A conversation with Ormand convinces Marge that Pretzel Wagon is the perfect investment.

Marge's franchise is a failure, however, due to the Investorette's Fleet-A-Pita taking all of her customers, Marge's attempts to drum up business by leafletting the town with coupons for free pretzels backfires on her, as Cletus Spuckler collects most of them and Marge realizes too late she ought to have limited one free per customer. To make matters worse, Ormand ended up killed in a car accident, alongside the executor of his will. Homer feels sorry for Marge, so he hires the mafia to take out all of her competition.

Business picks up for Marge, but now the mafia demands 100% of her profits, and gives her 12 hours to have their money. Unwilling to give up any of her hard-earned money, Marge decides that she and Homer will just have to face the mob. When they arrive at the Simpsons' house, the mafia is confronted by the Investorettes, who have hired the Japanese Mafia, to take them out, and a big fight ensues on the Simpsons' front lawn.